Bates Hockey History- April 23 1920

April 23, 1920 Bates Student:

At once the special committees commenced their work. Just at this time the work of the skating committee was the most important and the most urgent. The Directors of the club had voted to act in conjunction with the Athletic Association in support of hockey. The club also proposed to keep a sufficient surface of the ice cleared for public skating outside of the hockey rink. This was done until there was so much snow that it was almost impossible to keep the surface open. Skating permits were issued to towns people at a special rate which allowed them to use the ice whenever they wished. In its co-operation with the Athletic Association the club willingly incurred one of its largest expenses. This was a lighted rink for night skating and for games that might be scheduled in the evening. During Christmas recess members of the committee built the rink and put up the lighting system so that when the hockey team returned from the holidays they found a lighted rink on which to practice evenings. The student body in general were delighted with the prospect of daylight condition at night on the lake. “With the co-operation of the club the A. A. has made hockey a success.


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