Bates Hockey History December 10, 1971

Skaters Start Off Slowly

Sunday morning, while most of you were tucked away in your beds after a long night of studying, the Hockey Club was down at the Youth Center for an Industrial League Game against Koss. Despite all the dedication and self-denial, though, cheap shots paid off and Koss skated to a 3-1 victory.

The game opened up pessimistically enough. With fifteen seconds having elapsed, a dribbler somehow eluded starting goalie Mike Schwartz, and Koss was on the board. Later in the period, Stu Beaulieu registered his second of the morning, and Koss had a two goal lead.

In the second period, Brian Staskawicz tried to get some goals for hew goalie Mike Larkin by beating Pork Boulet, assists Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 4.07.39 PMgoing to Dave Comeford and Erik Tank-Nielsen. Koss’ Ouellerte put a screen shot past Larkin after a series of saves, though, and Koss went off the ice With their fifth consecutive win over Bates. The two teams will meet again on January 23. Three stars for the game: 1) Pork Boulet, the Koss goalie; 2) Beaulieu, whose scoring won it; and 3) Mike Larkin, who kept the score way down in his first game at Bates.

On Tuesday night, the pucksters came up against Michael’s Hamburg House. The result was the same, as we lost 3-1. Michael’s scored first when a shot beat Schwartzie to his left. Bates tied it later in the same first period on a slapshot off the stick of Dave Comeford which broke through the goalie’s pads and sat on the goal line. Wayne Loosigian alertly skated in and scored.

With only three seconds left in the period, though, a Shot eluded Schwartzie, and Michael’s entered the second period with a rather unexpected 2-1 lead. In the second, with Schwartzie mercifully having been replaced by Mike Larkin, the Hamburgermen (ecch) put a tough rebound shot past the freshman netminder. Despite some strong efforts, Bates couldn’t get on the board again, and Michael’s scored what was termed an “upset victory.” Three stars for the game; 1) Joel West, who hit like never before and put in a tremendous effort; 2) Whip Halliday, whose defensive work seems to be getting better all the time; and 3) Larry Biron of Michael’s. (He didn’t play a particularly great game, but it’s always good idea to get in a few points with the league president.) So, having been beaten by two teams which were not among the pre-season favorites, Bates comes up against top-ranked Tom’s on January 4th. Coach Malo has made a few big changes recently, but seems to be losing the confidence of many people. Let’s hope that his moves work out, though, and Tom’s is sent to the scrap heap.


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